SLA – Need A Centralised Distribution Hub? It's All In The Location

As a long haul freighter you know the curse of delays and how they can have a serious impact on your business, and ultimately your end customers. While many of your customers are located in and around major cities, it’s understandable that timely drop off and pick up of freight can be difficult. This is where we can help.

At Specialised Logistics Australia (SLA) we have the advantage of a centralised distribution hub that’s conveniently positioned on the outskirts of Brisbane. Having a strategically placed depot makes it easy for hauliers to be able to unload and backload freight without having to travel through the city. As such, we’re actively looking for partners who require depot services in Brisbane.

So what’s in it for you?

  • Location – Situated in the highly sought after location of Carole Park our warehouse offers direct access to the Logan Motorway. It’s also close to the Ipswich and Centenary motorways, making it an ideal distribution hub for long-haul freighters looking to enhance their competitiveness in the area.
  • Limited traffic – Because of where we’re situated, freighters no longer have to experience frustrating delays because of clogged roads, while trying to navigate both in around the Brisbane CBD. Instead hauliers can expect limited traffic while maintaining timely delivery slots.
  • Speedy onward distribution – We have a multitude of trucks serving the Greater Brisbane area as well as the surrounding Sunshine and Gold Coasts. If you need a priority delivery to a specific area, you can rest assured that with our speedy network of onward distribution, we have it covered.
  • Office space available – If you’re looking to get a foothold in the Brisbane area, having your own warehouse can be a large outlay and ultimately a risk. Instead SLA has available office space where you can easily set up and establish a base in a prominent location, but without the heavy financial risks involved.

Centrally located at Carole Park, we provide our customers the means to enhance their competitiveness in Queensland.

As you can see, the advantages are numerous. In fact, for any long-haul freighter looking to enhance their competitiveness, widen their network, and improve their overall customer experience, it really is an opportunity not to be missed. To find out more about how we can partner with you to help your business call Tim on 07 3879 3500  today.

equipment being loaded into shipping container

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