Warehousing Brisbane

For many companies, finding a much-needed centralised storage area can be a costly affair that eats into profits, and this is where Specialised Logistics Australia (SLA) can help. We provide cost-effective, fully-managed warehouse storage solutions to freight companies, importers, and local manufacturers by giving them access to our modern, Brisbane-based, Carole Park warehouse.

To find out more about how our Brisbane based warehouse storage can help your business then contact Specialised Logistics Australia on 07 3879 3500 and speak to our friendly team.

Why Choose Warehouse Storage from SLA?

Any company looking to rent their own warehouse can expect to pay somewhere between $95-$125 per square metre. On top of this expect to pay around 25% of the rental amount on outgoings. You’ll also have to factor in staffing costs and machinery hire/purchase.

Reduce costs – As you can see, the costs soon mount up to become a pretty expensive part of your business. When you store with us, however, your costs can be reduced considerably, especially if you’re managing 700 pallets or less.

Experience – By handing your warehousing and distribution over to an experienced company who have been in the industry since 1993, it gives you the opportunity to focus on the core aspects of your business, while at the same time reducing your storage outlays.

Ideal Location – Finally, our positioning couldn’t be better. Our Brisbane warehouse is situated just 19kms south west of the central business district with the Logan Motorway right on our doorstep. This means that as a centralised hub, customers’ goods can be despatched in a timely and efficient manner making it easier for them to arrive at their final destination, on the due date and time.

Whether you’re an interstate, local, or overseas company in need of affordable, cost-effective, short and long-term solutions to your Brisbane storage needs, then look no further than Specialised Logistics Australia.

Based at Carole Park, we offer Brisbane warehousing and distribution support to a wide range of clients, and with several thousand pallet spaces available (either racked and/or block stacked), we can ensure that your goods are stored in well-ventilated spaces out of the sun and weather for even short durations. This means that when they arrive at their final destination, they do so in tip-top condition.

Centrally located at Carole Park, we provide our customers the means to enhance their competitiveness in Queensland.

What we offer

When you store your goods with us, we’ll provide:

  • Computerised stock reports available as and when you wish
  • Container cartage to and from the wharf
  • Total security, including man-proof fencing, giving you peace-of-mind
  • Full pest control and management
  • Undercover unloading (de-stuffing) of loose or palletised freight
  • Shrink-wrapping, palletising and labelling of goods and equipment
  • Full distribution throughout Brisbane or interstate

As a well-established warehouse and distribution service we understand the importance of centralised storage, and as such we are fast becoming Brisbane’s preferred provider of storage for interstate, local, and overseas businesses. To find out more about our warehouse and storage options contact us on 07 3879 3500. Our friendly team are on hand to help.

A Cost-Effective Warehousing Solution in Brisbane

Unless you own your own warehouse, storage solutions don’t come cheap. With warehouse space in the Brisbane area costing up to $125 per square meter, it can amount to a serious amount of cash that’s going to have a huge impact on your bottom line. Here at Specialised Logistics Australia (SLA) we solve that problem by providing a cost-effective way of maintaining a centralised storage hub, therefore enabling you to have your goods delivered quickly and efficiently, thus meeting the ever-increasing demands of your suppliers.

A Clean and Safe Environment for Your Goods

It’s understandable that if you’re passing your goods onto major distribution centres, be it dry food or electronics; you want them to be delivered in perfect condition. When you choose to store your goods with SLA we make sure this is exactly what happens. Our Brisbane warehouse located in Carol Park is both modern and clean and most importantly pest free, meaning that your goods are constantly maintained in the best of condition.

So Why Should You Trust Us?

In the dry food goods market, quality and cleanliness is everything. If your goods aren’t in great condition when they hit the likes of Woolworth, Coles, Aldi and IGA, then they’re likely to get rejected, losing you a lot of business. Therefore, it’s a big ask to trust a third party with your warehouse storage. That said, we’ve been in the industry for well over 20 years and during that time have had over 90 clients, many of whom have been with us for many years. Therefore, it’s safe to say we know how to look after your consignments.

What We Do

  • By providing in excess of several thousand racked and/or block stacked pallet positions we make sure that we have sufficient space to deal with all of your storage needs.
  • The warehouse itself is fully manned and fully patrolled 24/7.
  • We also have security fencing to safeguard against outside theft as well as continual pest control management.
  • We make sure that any inward bound containers (which we can collect if necessary) are de-stuffed (unloaded) efficiently and goods are stored either loosely or placed on pallets, shrink wrapped, and thoroughly labelled.
  • Finally, we place no time restraints on storage.

Whether timely storage is needed for quick-turn-around purposes or long-term storage is preferred, it’s no problem to us.

Why Our Brisbane Warehouse Can Work for You

While you focus on aspects of your business such as marketing, sales, and product development we make sure that your goods reach their destination on time, in the right quantities, and most importantly in first class condition. In other words, we always put the needs of you and your end customers first. Finally, because we’re strategically well-placed with superb road links nearby, we’re in a great position to offer efficient and daily distribution to:

  • The Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, and other Queensland locations
  • A wide variety of wholesalers, retailers, and major distribution centres throughout Brisbane
  • Cities further afield including Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide

If you want to find out more about whether our warehouse storage solutions can work for you, then don’t hesitate to contact Specialised Logistics Australia on 07 3879 3500 today.