Get Your Goods To Where They Need To Be With Experienced Supply Chain Management

For many importers, local manufacturers, or interstate companies, having good supply chain management is the key to getting goods from point (A) to point (B) and in these days of high expectations and high demands by end customers (particularly large retailers), the stakes couldn’t be higher.

So what can we do for you?

Container unloading

Firstly we provide a pick-up service from the port direct to our warehouse and from there, containers can be unloaded, sorted, and repacked for either storage or for direct distribution.

Centrally located at Carole Park, we provide our customers the means to enhance their competitiveness in Queensland.

Short and long term storage

With around 2900 pallet spaces we also offer short and long term storage solutions. Pallets are shrink-wrapped, properly labelled, and kept in dry conditions in a pest-free, clean environment which is essential for goods such as commercial dry foods. Computerised stock reports are available on demand, and this coupled with 24 hour security monitoring and regular weekly inventory taking, ensures that it remains safe.

warehouse filled with boxes and pallets

Reloading and distribution

We provide a cross-docking facility for those customers needing a competitive advantage over their rivals. Goods come in and can be repackaged and transferred out onto waiting transport immediately. Aside from the fact that goods are despatched quickly and efficiently it also means that customers don’t have to hold large quantities of stock, therefore saving money on storage. In addition we also have a network of transport partners who can move your goods country-wide including Tasmania.
In theory, our job is relatively simple in that we provide efficient, accurate, and timely movement of goods. However it takes a group of highly skilled and dedicated people to execute it well and here at SLA this is exactly what we have.

To find out more about how we can help with container unloading and timely distribution/storage of your goods then contact SLA on 07 3879 3500 or today.

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