Need Container Unloading in Brisbane?– Specialised Logistics Australia Can Help

One of the major problems that many importers have is a lack of comprehensive and trustworthy warehouse and distribution support. As a large percentage of their cash is often tied up in stock they have no option but to rely on people doing their jobs correctly at every stage of the supply chain. This means trusting that stock is transported, unloaded, reloaded, and delivered, not only in a timely fashion but also without damage.

The problem is that on some occasions this doesn’t happen. Goods can be damaged in the unloading/reloading process through lack of care and attention, or alternatively a lack of timely distribution means that the end user doesn’t get their goods when they need them most. Whatever the reason there’s a strong chance that if something goes wrong the importer ends up losing money. This is where Specialised Logistics Australia (SLA) can help.

Skilled and experienced handlers

Situated within an easy drive of Brisbane port we can provide an extensive and cost effective storage and distribution service for you from start to finish. This includes container cartage to and from the port, careful unloading/reloading by skilled and experienced handlers, and timely and effective distribution. One of the keys to getting goods to the end user is efficient container unloading.

At our Carole Park warehouse on the outskirts of Brisbane we make sure that when a container needs to be de-stuffed (unloaded), it’s carried out undercover. Once unloaded, our team set to work palletising, shrink wrapping and pallet labelling your goods ready for either short or long-term storage, or in the case of cross-docking, for immediate onward transport. Finally our extensive distribution network sees to it that your goods are delivered on time and in perfect condition to anywhere in the country.

Centrally located at Carole Park, we provide our customers the means to enhance their competitiveness in Queensland.

What about stored goods?

Our modern, clean, pest free warehouse facility holds around 2,900 block stacked and/or racked pallet spaces. This means that any company or importer looking to store their stock can feel safe in the knowledge that it will be kept in pristine condition. In addition 24 hour security with back-to-base monitoring, coupled with heavy duty security fencing ensures that your goods remains safe. Regular weekly audits also maintain stock integrity.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you with container unloading and timely distribution/storage of your goods, then contact SLA on 07 3879 3500 or 0455 880 228. today.

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