Commercial Storage

If you need centralised warehouse and storage space to aid distribution in Brisbane then unless you own your own warehouse, it can be very expensive. In fact by the time you’ve paid for your facility, staff costs, utilities, and general outgoings, there’s a strong chance that it’s going to eat deep into your overall profits. This is where Specialised Logistics Australia come in. By outsourcing all of your commercial storage needs to us, you can save both time and money.

Here’s how

We’re used to dealing with companies who have high levels of stock turnover. As a result the team at SLA are very experienced at turning goods around quickly and efficiently. If this means that incoming freight has to be unloaded quickly, repackaged, and sent out again, then no problem. Ultimately, because we ensure that your supply chain is kept constantly on the move, you don’t need to hold vast quantities of stock, thus saving you money. That said, if and when stock does need to be stored, we ensure that it’s kept in a clean, dry, pest free, and secure environment, thus safeguarding future supplies from damage.

We have around 2900 racked or block-stacked pallet positions and over 3000 square metres of floor area and as such any potential clients can rest assured knowing that any stock is going to be stored safely. It also means that any unloading can be palletised, shrink-wrapped, and labelled, undercover. Clearly dry storage is key for items such as dry foods and electronics.

Centrally located at Carole Park, we provide our customers the means to enhance their competitiveness in Queensland.

Commercial storage in a secure environment

Here at SLA when it comes to your commercial storage we don’t simply store it and forget it. On the contrary we carry out daily inspections coupled with secure monitoring to make sure your stock is safe. What’s more, weekly audits ensure that everything is accounted for. We also offer ‘on demand’ computerised stock reports as and when you request them, so you know at any time exactly what you’re holding.

If you’re looking for a central storage hub in Brisbane but don’t want costs to severely threaten your profit margins then we’d love to hear from you. Contact us on 07 3879 3500  and talk to our friendly staff about your commercial storage needs

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