Specialised Logistics Australia – Providing Warehousing Solutions From A Company You Can Trust

Unless you own your own warehouse, storage solutions don’t come cheap. With warehouse space in the Brisbane area costing up to $125 per square meter it can amount to a serious amount of cash that’s going to have a huge impact on your bottom line. Here at Specialised Logistics Australia (SLA) we solve that problem by providing a cost-effective way of maintaining a centralised storage hub, therefore enabling you to have your goods delivered quickly and efficiently, thus meeting the ever increasing demands of your suppliers.


So how do we do this?

Many of our customers have high levels of stock turnover so the need for their goods to be turned around quickly is paramount. This takes accurate and timely execution, where incoming freight might need to be unloaded and re-packaged quickly to meet an outgoing order. As such it takes a responsible, dedicated, and highly-skilled team of people to keep your supply chain moving. In fact, we take great pride in making sure that both stock and information between our consignees and consignors flows backwards and forwards without a hitch.

Designing tailored warehouse solutions just for you

At SLA, we specialise in designing tailored warehouse solutions based around your needs and requirements, allowing you to focus your attention on your core business. Doing so could mean:

  • A reduction in holding stock through better supply chain planning
  • A reduction in operational costs using efficient warehouse and storage solutions
  • A shift-over of system upgrade costs over to a third party
All of the above are designed to save you money and improve overall customer service.


Why our warehouse solutions can work for you?

While you focus on aspects of your business such as marketing, sales, and product development we make sure that your goods reach their destination on time, in the right quantities, and most importantly in first class condition. In other words, we always put the needs of you and your end customers first. Finally because we’re strategically well-placed with superb road links nearby, we’re in a great position to offer efficient and daily distribution to:

  • The Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, and other Queensland locations

  • A wide variety of wholesalers, retailers, and major distribution centres throughout Brisbane

  • Cities further afield including Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide

If you want to find out more about whether our warehouse solutions can work for you then don’t hesitate to contact Specialised Logistics Australia on 07 3879 3500 or 0455 880 228. today.