Make Tracking Your Stock Easy With Carton Cloud

At SLA we’ve just made it even easier for our clients to track and trace their stock in real time using Carton Cloud. It’s a complete warehouse management system that allows customers to virtually control their stock just as they would as if it were in their own warehouse. Utilising easy to follow procedures it eradicates most of the problems associated with 3PL sales and purchasing orders. In addition to this, Carton Cloud also comes with a whole host of other benefits too. These include –

Viewing real time stock levels

Sometimes knowing what your exact stock levels are at any given moment can be tricky, especially when using a third party company for your logistics and storage solutions. That all changes with Carton Cloud. This system allows our clients to log in at any time of the day or night and check their current stock levels in real time. That’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! What’s more, our virtual system also gives clients the opportunity to track stock from the point of receipt into our warehouse to the point of despatch, giving then full and total control of the situation at every stage of the process.

Better stock control

Carton Cloud can also eradicate the problem of out of date stock as it allows our clients to pick and choose which batch of goods they want to send to their end customer. This makes it ideal for perishable goods where batch numbers and expiry dates mean that correct stock rotation is vital.

Real time notifications

Another aspect of Carton Cloud is that it give clients notifications of pending activity in real time. This could be when a sales order is taken, when it’s been packed, or even when a discrepancy is found on incoming stock. Whatever the reason, you’ll be informed immediately and as a result you can take the appropriate action sooner rather than later.

Faster processing

Utilising Carton Cloud increases operation efficiencies making the processing of both incoming and outbound orders faster, more streamlined, and overall more beneficial for your end customers.

Cost saving

With many advanced warehouse management systems – and Carton Cloud is no exception – they gives you the freedom to carry out your own admin, thus saving you further costs.

As you can see Carton Cloud has the ability to make your business more efficient, keep your end customers happy, and save you money. So if you’re tired of paper chasing and problem solving then contact 07 3879 3500 or 0455 880 228. if you require further information.