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Improve Your Warehouse Efficiency with These Simple Tips

Warehouse efficiency is vital. With an efficient warehouse, you will enjoy greater customer satisfaction through quick and effective shipments. Honing and optimising the operation of your warehouse is an ongoing task and one that requires continual finessing. While everyone’s warehousing needs are different, there are a few things which are fairly standard to warehouse operations no matter what industry you’re in. We have brought together some of our top tips for improving warehouse efficiency to improve your overall operations.

Implement lean inventory

The basic premise behind lean inventory is to eliminate any excess from your warehouse and to have only the stock you need in-house and on hand. Having excess inventory is harmful to your business, but so is not having enough inventory. The way in which you can implement lean inventory is to find the right balance. You can implement lean inventory by performing a comprehensive inventory forecast to assess where you are at. You need to know what is stocked, what types of items and their lead time. Then it is vital that you manage your inventory with accurate warehouse storage.

Maximise your space

Your warehouse space is important real estate. It is vital that you maximise this space in order to make the most of your investment. If you’re tight on space, consider going up instead of out; invest in taller storage units or add in a mezzanine floor level of maximising your airspace. Think about the type of shelving you are using as well, and perhaps use specific storage for the items you have to warehouse.

Optimise your efficiency

If you don’t have the capacity to create efficient picking plans, then make sure you’re taking the time to create them manually. You can analyse your material usage and make sure that you store high volume items together, so they are picked in the same trip. Your main goal here is to streamline your picking and cut down on overall time taken to grab an order. Basically, warehouse efficiency is all about common sense, and while the right technology will certainly assist you in getting to where you want to be, you can improve your efficiency with the right distribution and logistics management.

Invest in technology

An appropriate warehouse management system can improve your overall efficiency because it can learn and suggest the most appropriate routes and methods for picking and storage. In addition, a warehouse management system will automate your pick lists and can work to help eliminate mistakes in your supply chain.

Organise your workstations

When you organise your workstations, you go a long way towards improving your productivity. This is because all of a sudden, your workers aren’t searching for equipment and can find exactly what they need immediately. It might take half a day to implement this kind of clean up, but once it is done, you will cut down on mess and save a lot of time per person in searching for items.

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