Specialised Logistics Australia – The Answer To All Your Distribution and Logistics Needs

Unless you’re in possession of your own storage centre, having a key centralised distribution hub in Brisbane can be a costly business that can severely eat into profit margins. For instance anyone looking to rent a warehouse can expect to pay somewhere between $95 and $125 per square metre. Add to this the cost of staff wages and utilities and for many importers, local manufacturers, and even interstate freight companies, it simply isn’t a viable option. One way to get around this problem is for a company to outsource their distribution and logistics operation and this is where Specialised Logistics Australia (SLA) come in.


Cross docking

Initially set up in 1993 we provide customers with a centralised distribution hub so that their goods can be delivered directly into major retailers such as Woolworths, Aldi, Bunnings, Best & Less and Target, in a timely and efficient manner. We do this by implementing a strategy known as cross docking whereby goods come in through an inbound dock and are then quickly unloaded, sorted, and repackaged (if necessary) to be sent straight out on another waiting load. This process can give companies a competitive advantage and also means:

  • The customer doesn’t have to hold large quantities of stock thereby saving money on storage

  • Smaller product loads can be loaded onto one truck, saving transportation costs

  • Stock can be delivered quickly, giving the supplier a competitive edge over their rivals

Interstate partnerships

We also partner up with a team of trusted distribution carriers who can distribute goods effectively to places such as the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and far North Queensland. In addition, interstate partners carry our freight further afield to places such as NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, The Northern Terroity and Western Australia.

A word about our trucks

As a business, we own and operate ten trucks in the Brisbane region, which average around 2.5 distribution runs per day. Effectively this means we can service up to 25 distribution runs a day to meet our customers’ needs. Ultimately this, along with our speedy service and greater distribution networks, allows you to meet the ever increasing demands of your suppliers, at a cost you can afford.


If you would like to find a cost-effective solution to your distribution and logistics puzzle and want to find out more about how we operate, then we’d love to hear from you. Contact our friendly team on 07 3879 3500 or 0455 880 228. for further details.